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How to Survive the Data World 101

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Charles Darwin once said. “it is not the stronger of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change.” The data world is constantly changing. Some days are spent brushing up on the latest marketing strategies to figure out the right next data tool feature and other days we’re […]

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US B2C Q2 ‘16 Update

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EMM adds significant quality to its B2C records, re-mails entire Double Verified file, CASS Standardizes and more After completing one of EMM’s largest ever B2B updates, the operations team here at EMM has been riding the wave of productivity to also get our B2C update completed! This update has seen a focus on not only […]

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List Brokers: Five Tips for Selling Email Data

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5 Tips for Selling Email Data

How to stop problems before they start by knowing the application How many times has a customer purchased a B2B or B2C email list from you, loaded it into Mailchimp, been locked out for ToS violation, then complained to you about the delivery of the records after Mailchimp locks them out? Don’t freak out, you […]

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EMM’s B2B Database Update | Q1 ’16

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We’ve Doubled Down with our B2B Email Database!

For the past three months Every Market Media has been working on a B2B database update with the aim of providing our customers with better and more in-depth data. We made numerous improvements to previous categories and added additional categories such as “technologies used”, year founded, and social media information. Our aim is to provide exceptional […]