Whether you’re a marketing services company licensing a flat file, a broker with a client need or a volume end user looking for a quality list at whole sale, EMM offers pricing to meet your needs.

List rental

EMM offers access to its databases on a rental basis. Retail pricing for a variety of test sized quantities below, call for volume inquiries. Please note our minimum order for all offline orders is $1,000. Request a count on any segment here.

Business to business.
B2BPer 1000
0 – 2500$300.00
2501 – 5000$200.00
5001 – 10000$150.00
10000+Call for pricing
Business To Consumer.
B2CPer 1000
0 – 10000$70.00
10000 – 25000$50.00
25000 – 50000$40.00
50000+Call for pricing
Global B2B
Global Business to business international.
B2B IntlPer 1000
0 – 1000$500.00
1000 – 2500$450.00
2500 – 5000$400.00
5000+Call for pricing
*Minimum order test for all offline orders is $1,000.00

*Pricing for full record, not inclusive of specialty selects. **For broker pricing please contact us.

Enterprise Data Licenses

For enterprise consumers of data, EMM offers license options to access complete files and custom built large file segments. Pricing is based on data exposure and use case. Contact us for more information.

  • Non marketing:

    If your organization uses  databases for tasks like analysis, segmentation, matching, online display segment creation, linking or append of non-contact information. Records under this license are specifically not used to send email, make telephone calls, send texts or otherwise be communicated to other than through anonymous onboarding processes of display.

  • Marketing:

    If your organization uses databases to perform marketing tasks like sending emails on behalf of clients, pulling lists on behalf of end user clients, selling lists to clients through your software front end or otherwise engaging the database with emails, telephone calls, texts or other non-anonymous communication but you do not re-sell data to other data or marketing firms, this is the license for you. Great for bulk consumers of data who sell to end users.

  • Resale:

    If your organization compiles data to resell to other data re-sellers or any application where data is re-sold in quantities larger than thousands of records.

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