Whether you’re a marketing services company licensing a flat file, a broker with a client need or a volume end user looking for a quality list at whole sale, EMM offers pricing to meet your needs.

Database installs

For enterprise consumers of data, EMM offers license options to access complete files and custom built large file segments. Pricing is based on data exposure and use case. Contact us for more information.

  • Non marketing:

    Common applications include display retargeting, analysis, IP address matching, permission transfer, suppression, delivery intelligence – Unlimited use, $60,000 / year

  • Marketing:

    Common applications include email marketing, telemarketing, direct mail. Any application where the record is directly marketed to. Records are specifically not licensed for resale. – Unlimited use, $100,000 / year

  • Resale:

    Any scenario where data is licensed for resale. – Contact us

Data Intelligence

Email Intelligence

EMM now offers email verification services through FirstPass.

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Signal B2B

Specially prepared B2B prospecting data

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Signal B2B

Identity Resolution

EMM now offers Identity resoluton services through Linkkey.

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List rental

EMM offers access to its databases on a rental basis. Retail pricing for a variety of test sized quantities below, call for volume inquiries. Please note our minimum order for all offline orders is $1,000. Request a count on any segment here.

Business to business.
B2BPer 1000
0 – 2500$300.00
2501 – 5000$200.00
5001 – 10000$150.00
10000+Call for pricing
Business To Consumer.
B2CPer 1000
0 – 10000$70.00
10000 – 25000$50.00
25000 – 50000$40.00
50000+Call for pricing
Global B2B
Global Business to business international.
B2B IntlPer 1000
0 – 1000$500.00
1000 – 2500$450.00
2500 – 5000$400.00
5000+Call for pricing
*Minimum order test for all offline orders is $1,000.00

*Pricing for full record, not inclusive of specialty selects. **For broker pricing please contact us.

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