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Telemarketing is the act of marketing goods and/or services to potential customers over the telephone. Telemarketing may be carried out by telemarketers or by automated telephone calls or “robocalls”, which has been ever more present nowadays. The intrusive nature of telemarketing calls, as well as an increasing number of scams that have been reported over the last years, has caused a growing distrust towards this type of direct marketing practice.

Telemarketing is also known and commonly referred to as telesales or inside sales.

The United States and Canada have national “Do Not Call”(DNC) lists and registries that give their residents a choice about whether they want to receive telemarketing calls or not. In the United States, this registry list is managed and maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state law enforcement officials.

Residents who are registered in this DNC list database can file a complaint if they receive a telemarketing call from a telemarketer, which could lead to a hefty fine and strict sanctions for the telemarketing firm. However, calls from charity organizations, political organizations and telephone surveyors would be received by a consumer, despite being registered on these DNC lists.

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