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Segmentation is a method in marketing which divides a business target into groups of consumers, countries or businesses. These groups tend to have common interests, needs, shopping habits etc. Once the groups are formed, people working in this field design various strategies to aim these groups and implement them. This is done in order to improve business, and selling a product. Once you divide customers into groups, you know what kind of marketing approach you can use on them, to be more successful. There are several types of marketing segmentation. These are: geographic segmentation, demographic, behavioral, psychographic, segmentation by benefits, cultural segmentation, and multi-variable account segmentation. Geographic segmentation is the type of segmentation where geographic criteria is seen, such as nations, regions, states etc. So for example, in rainy regions one can sell raincoats, umbrellas etc, whereas in hot regions, swimsuits and things like that. In demographic segmentation one pays attention to age, gender, marital status and things like that. In behavioral segmentation divides consumers based on their attitude towards, knowledge etc towards a product. Psychographic is a segmentation based on someones lifestyle.  Segmentation by benefits is based on benefits sought by the customer.  Cultural segmentation classifies markets based on cultural origin. Using more than one account to characterize an account is called multi-variable account segmentation.






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