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Mass marketing is selling to everyone and everybody through mass media such as radio, TV, or a newspaper, as opposed to database marketing aims a small selected audience. It is also opposed to Niche marketing which is based on high sales and low prices. In mass marketing a firm ignores differences between markets and in their marketing process they aim everyone and include every type of media. Television, radio, newspapers, the internet. With this type of marketing, companies reach out to a large number of audience and therefore the exposure of their product is at its maximum. Since everyone knows about their product, and are familiar with it, the company has a big chance to sell the product. On the other hand, this type of advertising is very expensive, because every radio station, television program, newspaper, internet site asks for a monthly fee to be paid in order for them to publish your ad. For example, telephone companies and car companies tend aims for mass market. The reason for this is that a great deal of people in the world own cars and telephones. Even though some people prefer one type of automobile over the other, a car industry with the use of mass marketing will have a good income, because they will attract quite a deal of people interested in what they are selling.






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