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A mailing list of customers or prospects is used to mail catalogs or sale announcements to customers or consumers. It is not an actual marketing database because it does not provide for a two-way communication with customers. A mailing list is a accumulation of addresses and names of clients, individuals or companies. With this list a company sends catalogs, coupons some announcement in the change of their business, or if they provide some sort of discounts. Any new information about the company is being send through the mailing list, actually through email including the people from the list. There are two types of mailing lists. One is consisted of postal addresses. And via this newsletters, advertising and similar are being sent. With the popularity of using email this list is now mostly called electronic mailing list, since everything nowadays is done with the use of a computer. The second type is called mailshot. Mailshot means that identical material is being sent out to all subscribers on a mailing list. A mailing list does not only include names that a company itself collected. It includes subscribers as well. People who have willingly subscribed themselves to receive regularly information about the company.







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