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List rental is the process of renting, for one time use or a longer period, a list of names of customers owned by some other business or organization for an agreed upon cost, usually per thousand. If a company, for example, has a a mailing list, consisted of many names who are important to other companies, than these two agree on a certain price which the other company pays for renting this list. The list consists of client names and other information needed to contact these clients. Contact information is very important in every line of business, therefore if some company lacks some names, and another company has them list renting is mutual benefit. The company in need of names and information gets them for a certain price, and the company who owns these information benefits from it. Quality is much more important than quantity in these lists. It doesn’t matter how much contacts one has, as it is important how much of the contacts are valuable for a company. List rental is all about trading information between firms. One must pay attention when renting lists in order to get the right information that is needed. That’s why companies need to know from who they are renting lists.



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