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List Hygiene is the term used to describe the process of creating, editing and maintaining a mailing list’s email addresses, subscriptions and opt-ins. It ensures the clean dissemination of an organization’s broadcasted email message to its related and operational email addresses/subscribers. List hygiene includes taking care of unsubscribe requests, removing e-mail addresses that bounce, updating user e-mail addresses, etc. Email providers are becoming more smart and interested in what clients want to see in their inboxes. They are looking into what kind of mails you send, what kind of mails you receive, what you subscribe to and what you unsubscribe, what you click on the internet etc. And then they can easily decide what to put into your inbox. For that reason, it is important to keep your mailing list clean. Email providers are a big deal. The metrics they use to determine inbox placement is your pot of gold as a sender. It should be a driving force for you to keep the most active and engaged contacts in your database and it helps in delivering your prospects’ and customers’ emails to the inbox. There are companies which help in tracking your contacts in a way for us to see which contacts are engaged and witch are disinterested. Following the engagement of contacts allows us to identify and to something with the contacts who are not doing anything, and therefore keep the hygiene of our mailing list clean.




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