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List broker is a service which brings list owners and prospective list renters (users) together. List broker is actually a person or a firm which sells lists of people in certain geographical areas for the use in direct mail campaigns. A list broker is an agent for those companies which would like to use direct marketing as a way of promoting their company. This occurs either via email or telemarketing. These lists consists of names and contact information, but some other demographic information such as age, sex etc can be included in the list as well. Most list brokers don’t have lists ready, but they rather have a few options for the client to choose and consider what would be the best option to use in its campaign. List brokers work on commission and they are a contact between the list owners and those who are interested in the lists, either to buy or to rent. The job of a list broker is also to give any additional information which they think is necessary, to provide consultation in any form. There are two associations to which list brokers belong, and these are American Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association.








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