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Lifestyle data about a neighborhood or area comes from the clustering process. If a significant number of people in a given cluster have taken, for example; a foreign trip, it is assumed that all similar households have done this. It is called a lifestyle attribute. Included in it are which magazines are being read, what TV programs are being watched, what books are being read etc. Lifestyle is a way of life of people. People with similar lifestyle are put in a same cluster, because it is believed that they have the same life choices. A lifestyle of a person can be very useful in marketing because it makes the job easier for marketing businesses. If, for example, a company sells books, they would want to attract persons who are passionate readers. Therefore they look for persons who often go to libraries, book shops etc. That is their way of life. If a company is a fashion industry, they attract  people who are into fashion, who shop often. Lifestyle in marketing is denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle. Lifestyle is a way of living, and it is not referd  to only one person lifestyle. A family can have a same lifestyle, even a whole society.



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