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Lead conversion rate is the actual percentage of leads who turn into customers/consumers. In order for your lead conversion rate to be high, one must follow a few stages. These stages are: impression, website visit, inquiry, marketing qualified lead, sales accepted lead, sales qualified lead and win. Impression stage is, as the name itself says, an impression with the ad, article or some other marketing ad. Website visitor is a person, who can be anonymous, who is regular at visiting the website of the company. The inquiry stage is the stage where a company gets some kind of information about the visitor via, for example a webinar registrant. But only a little information is obtained this way. Marketing Qualified Lead is a lead which has fulfilled criteria which was pre-determined. Such criteria is company size, industry, role of lead etc. Sales accepted lead is a lead accepted by sales. Sales qualified lead is a lead who has evolved into a qualified customer/ client. And finally, a win is closed business. The number of closed businesses is actually a lead conversion rate. Following these steps, and doing them correctly, one can ensure a big lead conversion rate since leads are clients and therefore important to business.







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