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Infrastructure is the process of maintaining a database. This includes; nightly backups, cleaning the list, merge and purge, deduplication, update, etc.  After a database has been made, it is important to maintain it. Therefore all of these steps has to be done regularly in order for its infrastructure to work. Nightly backups mean that every night a backup for the database should be done. That means that a copy of the database should be made regularly, so that none of the content can be lost or erased.  When it comes to cleaning your email list, there are some ways to do that. There are some online tools that can do that, but you can also do it yourself, by controling who gets your messages and whose messages you get. The next step in keeping you database infrastructure is to merge and purge. That means to identify and eliminate any duplicate names you have in your mailing list. Deduplication is a data software which enables you to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data. Maybe the most important step of maintaining a database is to update. Always be up to date with your programs.

Another definition for infrastructure is reffered to the buildings, roads, power supplies of a country, which are needed for a society to function as an enterprise.





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