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Marketing that presents factual, usually verifiable, information about the product or product usage is referred to as informational marketing. A marketing information system is a managing system which is made in order to help making marketing decisions. It is a system which consists of a variety of gathered information to provide for managers and give them any kind of information they need. It is much easier for a company to promote a product when they have all the data about it in one place. And that is a great way of marketing, because the customers have all of the information about the product they are considering of buying, in one place. When a customer wants to buy something, they would like to have all of information they could get. They would like to know as much as possible about the product. Therefore, informational marketing exists. To provide any information to the customer. Informational marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating a valuable content to attract and keep customers. Nowadays, when people try to avoid advertisement as much as possible, marketing in any way has become quite difficult to work with. There are a lot of marketing tools, and informational marketing is one of them.




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