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In business-to-business or B2B Commerce, Influentials are executives who have the authority to make or influence a purchase. An influential is an important person who has the authority to make great decisions in the company. This would be the director, or the vice president or any similar job title. To take an example of a fashion industry, an influential would be a person who sets up fashion standards. An influential in the marketing business would be a person who gives orders, who edits texts, who decides what would be released to the public etc.

An influential person can also be a role model. It is a person who has i exerts influence. To use the example of John Lennon. He was a very influential person in music, as well as in politics, fashion and general culture. Nowadays, public people can be more influential than people who are holding the power, because they influence a great deal of people in the whole world. They can influence how people vote, what they wear, eat, how they live heir lives. Basically everything. To summarize, an influential person, or just an influential, in business is a person who is in charge. Nothing is done without his or hers revision and permission.





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