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Global Marketing is a strategy of using a common marketing plan and program for all countries in which a company operates, thus selling the value offers the same way everywhere in the world. Marketing the same or very similar products to world markets with essentially the same promotion; also commonly referred to as International Marketing. If a company is started and developed in, for example, Washington DC, everything outside of the boundaries of Washington DC is considered to be international in this case. For many companies global marketing can be very tricky and difficult to handle. Every part of the world is different and has its own cultures and habits. If , for example a meat industry wants to work globally, it is very difficult because there are some countries where people don’t eat pork, and in some, like India, they don’t eat beef. So what would these industries have to offer. The most important thing to do, when offering  your business globally, is to set up a focus and to covey your product to meet the needs of the population in other countries. If its done correctly, global marketing has the opportunity to rise a company to the next level. Mcdonalds, for example, has a different menu based on its location, and that is how it is popular worldly. Global marketing is very important for universal industries such as car and food industry, since the demands for cars and food are the same all over the world.





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