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The process of responding to a customer request with literature or product is called fulfillment. When a costumer orders a product the company needs to fulfill its obligation to send the ordered product. This term is refered to online purchasing. Fulfillment is most often outsourced to a fulfillment house. A fulfillment house is a company which takes care of your product. They keep it in their storage, ships it and sends a mail to the customer letting them know that their order is on its way. The facilities where the products are kept usually have everything a product might need. That is a refrigerator, air conditioning for items which are sensitive to temperature. They are typical warehouses. They need to do inventories regularly in order to have counts on the products. A company can do the fulfillment itself or, as already mentioned use a fulfillment house. If a company is dealing with a small amount of orders, they can do the shipping itself via the post office, or any other kind of reliable shipping company. The customer usually has a way to follow its product, and know approximately when  the product will be received. The company has an insight of the shipping as well.





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