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Free Standing Insert or FSI for short is a type of promotion, usually a coupon or similar found in a magazine or newspaper. It is also one of the least expensive ways to distribute coupons. This kind of ad is found in the middle of the newspapers and it is not bound to it. Free Standing Insert is made to advertise a product in a form of a coupon which gives you the opportunity to buy the product at a certain discount. It is a good way of advertising, because whenever a customer sees an opportunity to save money, in the majority of cases he will take that opportunity. In many supermarkets customers have the opportunity to collect coupons to be able to buy something at a cheaper price. In many daily newspapers customers can find free standing insert of some supermarket, where the prices of the day can be found. Cheaper prices of some goods. In that way these supermarkets advertise themselves and attract customers. However, it doesn’t only have to be coupons with discounts. It can be any promotional material found in the middle of a newspaper or magazine unbound, which promotes their line of business, and tries to make it as attractive as possible.




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