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A Focus group is a group of customers who are assembled together by an advertising agency in order to discuss a particular product. It is useful for learning what the public thinks of your product, message or company. It is a form of research where a group of people are placed together in a room and asked a series of question, usually regarding the product the company wants to sell. Some of the questions could be about whether or not they like the product, what they generally think about it etc. Participants can answer the questions to the interviewer but they can also discuss among themselves. In marketing this is a very important tool in order to get instant feedback about their product. This kind of marketing is made before the product is placed to the public, and sometimes even when it is just an idea. It gives an opportunity for the company to think about packaging of the product, name of the product etc. It also gives information of how the product will be accepted generally. The people in the focus group are included on the basis of behavior, things they like to buy, demographics, age, gender etc. Companies know exactly what kind of people they want to buy their product.






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