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A marketing project with its own settings, subscribers list, follow-ups, broadcasts. In the broadest sense, any email sent to a subscriber list of customers or prospects could be considered part of an email campaign. Email messages used to send special offers to solicit sales or donations, and any email communication that is meant to build loyalty and trust or brand awareness can be considered an email marketing campaign. Email messages are sent in order to improve the relationship with current customers but also to create some new relationships. With these emails companies try to encourage the loyality of customers, to make customers buy something immediately. There are two types of email marketing: transactional emails and direct emails.

Transactional emails are those emails which serve to continue an already existing relationship with a customer. These emails include password reset emails, order confirmation emails, reorder emails and email receipts. Within this email a customer can receive another ad which is in some relation to the company.

Direct emails are those emails which send some promotional material such as catalogs with special offers. Companies use a list of customers which they can rent from another company, and send and email with promotional material.




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