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Edit Check is a software process whereby data, which is to be entered into a marketing database is checked for logic before it goes into the database. Edit check is also referred to as an edit test. It checks the information that is inserted into a data entry system to see if it is correct. It is mostly used by businesses and organizations which need to make a thorough check on many information before they send it out to someone else who processes the data. An edit check is made to verify weather or not a claim is acceptable. Those who are not acceptable are returned back in order for the mistakes to be corrected. Edit check is a system of programs with routines subroutines and mathematical formulas . Edit checks are great for cleaning up customer information. A business owner can edit check names of their customer, and if something turns out to be wrong it can easily be corrected. Government agencies constantly use the edit check to make sure that the information they get is correct. Submissions dealing with money often are passed through edit checks before being reviewed by actual people. This can save time when workers are dealing with numerous submissions at once.








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