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Direct response advertising is a way of advertising which demands customers immediate response through a certain mechanism which is provided in the ad itself. This mechanism can be a variety of things. For example, one can respond to the ad via mail, where you receive a coupon which you cut and set out to the company. One can get a business reply card, or  a free telephone number can be provided to the customer to call. Or  a hot spot to click on the internet, which is probably the easiest way. There are some main characteristics of direct response ad. It is very different from mass media or brand marketing because nobody knows what made someone buy a can of Coke for example. It is measurable because the companies know which ad has response and which doesn’t, therefore it is easy to change  or drop the ad. It makes a specific offer because it targets a specific audience. Since this kind of advertising demands a direct response, people working in this line of business gets an insight in what you may be interested in. For example, you get a catalog about books, with good prices. Once you response to that ad, and maybe even order a couple of books, you will continue getting book ads, as well as any other ad which is related to that topic. Those can be magazines, short stories, comics etc.












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