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Direct mail is a form of marketing that uses mails to promote their line of business. Direct mail includes all of the promotional material such as catalogs, brochures, newsletters, sales letter etc. Only in this form of marketing you get them via mail. People who use this kind of marketing know that this is the most effective and cheapest way of  marketing. They know exactly what kind of people they want to target. It is a good way to reach out to clients they already have, but also to find some new clients. Unlike other forms of advertising, the advantage of this form is that they can control who gets the mail, when they get them, what they send etc. It is a good way to communicate one on one with clients. When using direct mail as an advertising tool, companies need to take care of everything, from the color of their material to the proper use of keywords. There are many ways to keep customers involved and interested in the mail. Some even use some kind of prizes to keep the customer involved. And once the mail is sent out, companies usually several days and than calls the customers from the mailing list, to check if their mail was received, ask some questions etc.










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