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A disk, for instance, is a direct access device. Tape drives are not direct access because in order to find data on them, you have to go through all the thousands of records on it to find the one you want. With direct access, you have all data stored at particular addresses which means you can access each piece of data directly. It is the ability to get information from a storage device immediately and directly without the need to dig through and read all of the unnecessary things and loosing time until you get where you want. And get what you need. It is actually a privilege which enables us to tap into a resource and approach an entity without the need to go through a gatekeeper or something similar. Direct access is making things easier for us when searching for information.  It saves us so much time it would take to search for something we need which is situated in the computer. Direct Access connections are designed to connect automatically as soon as the computer connects to the Internet, unlike other VPN (virtual private network ) connections which need to initiated and terminated by explicit user action. No one needs to start and turn off the program manually since it’s done automatically.






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