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The statistical description of a given population is referred to as Demographics. Characteristics included in the description may include gender, age, education level, and marital status, as well as various behavioral and psychological characteristics. Basically, demographics are characteristics which are quantifiable of a certain population. Demographics are a big plus and ease for all kinds of businesses. In many ways it makes their jobs easier as well as the calculation of their income. Since by using demographics one can easily get insight in all information about a population. As already mentioned, it includes everything from gender to what the most common jobs are. Therefore if, for example, a company that wants to open a retirement home in a country they look at the demographic of it. So what they specifically look for is the percentage of old people who are either retired already or are about to be. Also they need to know if people could afford to pay for a retirement home. After being given all of the information they needed about what they were interested in, the company makes a decision of either building or moving to another country. It works the same in any branch of business.





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