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Database marketing involves the use of computers to capture and track customer profiles and purchase details and the use of large collections of computer-based information in marketing. A computer based repository of information organized in such a way as to allow for efficient retrieval, manipulation and analysis in order to produce a product to be marketed. Database marketing is a model of direct marketing which uses database of customers in order to promote their own products. Using the information they get from the customer database, companies may get an insight of what  the likes of a customer are and than make an offer tempting to the client.

There are two types of database marketing: consumer database and business database. Consumer databases are leaned toward businesses which sell to consumers. This type of bussins is known as B2C ( business to consumer) . Business database usually has much more to offer when it comes to information. This one is called B2B( Business to business).  The reason for this is that they don’t have as much restrictions as when it comes to privacy laws.  People working in the database marketing section get their information mainly from different forms in which people fill in their information, such as when applying for a credit card, or any kind of charity donation etc.








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