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A consultant in general is an experienced individual that is trained to analyze and advise a client in order to help the client make the best possible choices. A strategic consultant may evaluate a business plan and help the client develop a plan to meet those strategic goals. For example, a client concerned with government regulations and risk mitigation may engage an ediscovery or regulatory compliance consultant. As another example, value added resellers may employ sales consultants to examine the client’s immediate business or technology needs and recommend products, services, or other solutions that can address those needs.

A Data Services Consultant provides expertise and input to help businesses make the right strategic decisions and system integrations. Examples of technical consulting services specific to data center services include selecting a new data center location, consolidation, virtualization, automation, redesigning data centers for cloud computing, implementing storage arrays, or incorporating offsite storage services into an existing network. Basically, a data services consultant is employed to be at the customers service at any time.  He is there to provide any information needed to the client, and to advice the client in order for him to make business decisions easier and as best as possible.






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