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Data Analysis is the process of evaluating and examining data using analytical and logical reasoning to examine each component of the data provided. The data is gathered from various sources, reviewed and then analyzed to form a sort of finding or conclusion. There are a few methods of specific data analysis: data requirements, data collection, data processing, data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, modeling and algorithms,  data product and communication. The data requirements segment requiers variables regarding a population and it can be numerical or categorical. Data collection, as the name says, collects data. Data can be collected from a variety of  sensors, such as satellites, traffic cams etc. Data processing , processes the given data. Data must be organized for analysis. It can mean that the data should be placed in some tables or rows for better overview. When the data is processed it can have some errors, and that’s when the cleaning phase starts. It corrects all of the errors that occured. When its cleaned it can be analysed. It is done in the exploratory data analysis. After this phase, the modeling and algorithms take place. A data product is a computer app which takes inputs and gives outputs. The last phase is communication.



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