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Conversion rate is the percentage of people who respond and who then become customers. However, for some sites conversion does not have to mean a sale. There are some online shops who offer free shipping and abandon an online shopping cart. A company may also have a chat provided for the customer, to assist them through the shopping process. The conversion rate is actually the rate of visitors who come to the certain website to make some kind of purchase, not just to visit the website to see how it looks like.  To make a successful conversion has a different meaning to different companies. It depends on what they are there for, what they want to achieve. For example, for content creators, a successful conversion is if someone agrees on signing up for newsletter subscription, software download etc. For websites where the response occurs on the site itself, a conversion funnel can be set up in a site’s analityc’s package to track user behavior. There are many actions that can be made in order to try to boost the conversion rate. Some of them are : Make the site easily available; show credibility by using a third party, and by having a good looking web page; have live help by using Live Chat and similar; use the attention, interest, desire, action to move the user into the conversion.

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