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Continuation is when a mail is being sent to the same list following a successful test of a portion of the list. A continuation becomes a “roll out” when the entire list is mailed. It is the act of beginning again even though there was an interruption. When you are in touch with someone via email constantly it shows up as a thread. That is a continuation. And even though there can be days, weeks and months since you were last in touch with that person, you can easily continue exactly where you started. And you have an insight in everything that was discussed.  Continuation can also be seen as a an extension of something else. For example an extension saved in a book, which shows that there will be a sequel.  Continuation is the act of going on with doing something, or persisting in something, like in the continuation of the strike. There are a variety of explanations and definitions of the word continuation. For example, there is the continuation of a business, meaning that the business will continue working. Then there is the continuation of a fact, continuation of a lien, continuation of an easement, continuation of service etc.







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