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Computation Period is the period of lifetime average earnings on which Social Security benefits are based. Currently, that number is 35 years. The computation period is the number of years of earnings which is used to count the AIME. In every country there is a computation period. It is actually a way to be safe in the future, when one is old and can’t make money by earning. It is, in other words, a pension plan.  When you are in your twenties, you get a job and your working career starts. You can change jobs, improve in your career, or you can have a few years when you don’t work  for some reasons. All of the working years, until you are in your sixties are summarized, and according to that, the height of your pension is decided. In some countries you are entitled to get the old-age pension, after the age of 65, even though you maybe don’t have enough working hours and years in your resume. In fact, the sooner you start with your working career, and the more years you can manage to work, the bigger pension you will get, and than have more money to enjoy in your old days.







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