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A Compiled List is a list of names, addresses, zip codes etc which are assembled from many different sources and put into one list. These sources can be newspapers, magazines, many databases, websites, public records, television, phone books, court records etc. When the information is gathered it is compiled into a single list and many lines of business can use it.  When you compile something you use things that already exist and put it into a same “box”. For example, a compilation is a record of greatest hits of some musician, or of best stories of some writer. All of the songs of your favorite singer is compiled into a single record or CD.  If a company is working in the field of Information Technology, it would make a compiled list of all of the things that is concerned with their field of expertise. It would gather a list of people who are important in that field in order to get in touch with them, and try to get some help for their business. Every company, especially when starting needs to create a compiled list. It will probably be the most important document of their firm. In the beginning it is usually quite a short list of names, but in time it grows, as more and more information is gathered.






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