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Cleaning Names is the process whereby names and addresses on a customer or prospect list are corrected. Many businesses usually have huge lists of their customers or prospects and a lot of work. Therefore any kind of mistake is not uncommon. For that reason there are people who are employed to do the process of cleaning names,  so that there would be no mistakes what so ever. For every company time is money, and they can’t afford to loose valuable time to correct mistakes. These mistakes can be present in a spelling mistake in the address, number mistake in a zip code  and so on, which doesn’t seem like a mistake at first, but can cause many problems. Therefore, with the use of this Cleaning Names system addresses are checked and standardized; zip codes corrected where needed; spelling and punctuation checked and corrected, etc.  Whenever a person from the company needs someone from their address book, they need for the information to be correct. If only one letter in the name, or in the address is wrong, it can cause a lot of problems.  And it takes a lot of time to realise that a mistake had been made, a lot of time to correct the mistake. Therefore Cleaning names is a perfect way to avoid that


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