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A business list of information on different types of businesses, maintained in order to continue the business relationship. Any type of business that has clients also has information about these clients. These information are called a business list, and are very important to the company’s business partners. A business list is a very important document for a company, and is well preserved, and not everyone can have the insight in it. It is used to possibly attract new clients or to keep the old ones. It contains important information about all of the companies clients, that is, their names, addresses, emails etc. Generally, it contains all of the information of a person, which can be important to a company, or another client. When someone works in a company, or is one of the influentials of a company and wants to create a new line of business with it, the company can see that perhaps someone in the other company is interested in some information that you may own, which comes from a business list. Then you offer to provide the information you own, in return for something that perhaps you need, or may need somewhere in the future or you offer information in return for the other company, or other clients sign a contract with you.


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