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What is Advertising Research:
Advertising research is done to check the effectiveness of advertising. This can also include the pre-testing and post-evaluation of specific campaigns and advertisements. Done to assist with the development of effective advertising, whether for TV, radio, press, poster, internet or any other media. This research may be carried out at an early stage, to help determine strategy, and/or at later stages of the development of specific advertising ideas. It can also include forms of advertising evaluation and diagnostic research carried out after an ad or campaign has appeared.

Types of Advertising Research:
We can divide Advertising Research into two different types of research. One of them is called customized research and the other is referred to as syndicated research. Customized research, as the name suggests, is customized to fit the exact need of a specific client and only that client can access the results of the research. The other type of research, called Syndicated research, is one single research study done by a research company with the results of the research being available for sale. Pre-market research is used to optimize advertisements for any type of medium; be it radio, television, printed media like newspapers, magazines or even direct mail, outdoor billboards or even the Internet. Post-testing is conducted after the advertising campaign has already been run in-market, be it a single ad or an entire multimedia campaign. The main objective of the research is to determine what the advertising has accomplished for the brand in terms of brand awareness, frequency of purchasing, etc.

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