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An advertising campaign is an advertising plan that consists of messages in a variety of media that focus on a single theme or idea. All kinds of advertisements, run in the various advertising media outputs, according to schedule that is predetermined, which constitutes logically in the advertiser’s continuing advertising strategy. Campaigns vary considerably in their existence. Some last only a matter of days, weeks or months; others, such as the famous surrealist wear run for several years. An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement outputs that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC).

An advertising campaign can appear in different media across a specific time frame. The critical part of making an advertising campaign is determining a campaign theme as it sets the tone for the individual advertisements and other forms of marketing communications that will be used. The campaign theme is the central message that will be communicated in the promotional activities. The campaign themes are usually developed with the intention of being used for a substantial period but many of them are short-lived due to factors such as being ineffective, unpredictable market conditions and/or competition in the marketplace and marketing mix.

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