Email Marketing Data & Services

EMM is an email-centric data compiler. We’ve built and are continually updating three core data assets. To count any of our files by specific segments, please submit through our counts form. If you have another question about our core data sets or questions about a set you don’t see here, contact us.
US B2B Marketing Data


Our flagship database. 100% email present on over 80 million records. Live mailing statuses alternate with MX lookup pings verify email addresses every quarter. 20 million double verified email addresses. Targetable by exact title or job function, job level, industry, size, technologies deployed and more. See our pricing page, read about most recent updates or request a count.

US B2B sales and marketing data

  • NTC code makes selecting the right phone and email delivery quality for your application easy
  • Highest delivery, highest direct dial use AAA records. Strong delivery, low chance of direct dial (corp #), A.
  • Enterprise users can select from full strata AAA – D for analysis, cleaning and data management.
  • List sales clients receive live email validation on all records before delivery
  • Target by specific title keyword, job function, ABM target domain list, industry, technologies used and more
  • Human verified direct dials available
  • Boost your connect rates by selecting the right data for your campaign.
Global B2B Marketing Data

Global B2B

Similar in format to our domestic B2B but in 146 more countries! Like all of our databases, 100% email populated with over 9.5 million records worldwide! From Albania to Zimbabwe, target by job title, function, industry, company size and technology present at domain. Standardized to Latin-1 character set our International marketing database is quickly becoming our most popular list rental segment. See our pricing page, read about most recent updates or request a count.

Global B2B sales and marketing data

  • Standardized “dial from US” phone format
  • Available as confirmed email or unverifiable email
  • Uniform worldwide format
  • Target by same characteristics as US file, including specific job title, technologies, ABM company / domain list
  • Suitable for enterprise license or end user list rental
  • Unlock prospects in new markets
B2C Email Marketing Data


The most prolific of our data files contains more than 400 million permission based records with just over 70 million double verified email addresses. Target the right segment with selections by gender, age, income, interest category and occupation. See our pricing page, read about most recent updates or request a count.

US B2C sales and marketing data

  • Permission based, constantly updated with most recent opt-in time stamps
  • Use sign up history, date and category to select consumers who might be interested in offers like yours
  • Available with major bureau overlays for access to thousands of popular direct mail segments
  • Re-target openers post campaign using our multi-channel campaign display follow up
  • Do it yourself marketer? Use our data with your ESP, tailored to their specs.
Data Services

Data services

When you have as much data as we do, summarizing all of the applications for it can get a little wordy. If your application doesn’t fit into a neat little box, give us a call or send a note through our form. All of our files are available for use in matching any of their various attributes.

Global Company-Domain Masterfile

  • Contains 56 million domains with associated company ownership information
  • 50+ data points including technologies on the domain, company name, sub-domains, HQ address, employee size, domain quality and more
  • Add domain to your company file to improve match rates to contact databases and identify target companies for prospects without company name
  • Separate validation from contact data file means more uniform, consistent data for teams

Data Services

Email Intelligence

EMM now offers email verification services through FirstPass.


Using our repository of around three quarters of a billion processed emails, there’s a strong chance we’ve recently seen the email you’d like to validate and can save you the cost and time of a first position scrub to a large database. This is primarily of value when a database is very old or when the use case is for data to be static most of the time and it doesn’t make sense to pay for live validation. eFirstpass uses a reference file as its first step, then processes the balance with live verification to produce a cost effective bulk solution that’s ready for your next step.

Click here to find out more.


Specially engineered B2B data tool

LeadPorte is the B2B data tool for Sales and Marketing arm of parent database compiler Every Market Media. With data  of over 55 million executives at US businesses, and 7 million Global executives, you can import your own target list of companies or domains to search our data files for the contacts you need or build your own account list using dozens of parameters.

Click here to find out more.

Identity Resolution

EMM now offers Identity resoluton services through Linkkey.


EMM’s Linkkey matching algorithms stack geography and name based logic using the scale of our email databases along with proprietary databases of linking information that connects contacts that others miss. Get scale and accuracy with the first and best B2B to B2C pairing method and have more ways to reach your most valuable prospects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not having EMM send my campaign, can I use these emails with my ESP?

B2B clients doing campaigns one to one where few messages (100 – 200) are sent directly from a prospecting / researching rep should be fine from the users mailbox, CRM or semi-automation emailing tool.

Clients with one to many campaigns can consider Clickback (b2b only) or ListMarketer (b2b + b2c).

If you are unclear whether or not your email service provider allows prospecting / acquisition marketing, check their terms and conditions.

How do I get started?

Once you’ve got an idea of your market target or data application outlined, your next step is to work with an expert to create the final specifications of your data file. To do that you can email us, use our contact us form or give a call at 855.475.0258.

How often is data updated?

Each data asset has its own update schedule for the bulk source file. Every core file is updated no less than quarterly update with the most frequent updates taking place on our B2B file monthly.

Every list order pulled for sale at retail receives live email and threat verification unless otherwise specified on your insertion order.

Human verification is available at additional charge for B2B clients requiring direct dial records.

How is the data compiled?

Sourcing methodology varies by file, for full compiling statement please contact our sales department. Here’s the concise version:

US B2C records
Explicit opt-in records compiled from multiple co-registration offers, email marketing offers, display marketing offers and other long and short form completions.

US B2B records
Opt-out records sourced from sales and research organization data files, public records and CRM databases. Multiple data sources are selected for their best quality attributes, standardized and optimized with human verification, then compiled into NTC quality strata.

What are some data services you commonly perform?
  • Company name append for B2C emails
  • Job title append
  • Domain append
  • Email append, hash or naked email
  • Phone append
  • Direct dial append
  • CRM data clean-up / enrichment / completion
  • B2C to B2B email append via Linkkey match logic
  • Company name standardization
  • ABM domain list contact appends by target job title
  • Name append from hash or naked email
  • Display segment building / enhancement
  • IP to domain match
  • IP to household / individual match
  • Email verification / intelligence / bulk processing
Are there any risks?

With any email marketing campaign, there are risks to sending reputation, domain reputation and the relationship with your ESP if you fail to follow the end user license agreement of any tool you use or fail to follow the marketing laws of the country you’re marketing in.

The use of the contact information in the list is solely your responsibility and must be done in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Money-back or refund policies?

Regarding email data, Every Market Media will refund or replace any email record that fails to deliver for any non-reputation based reason. We do not replace records for hard bounces that occur because of violations of your Email Service Provider’s terms and conditions.

Regarding direct mail, Every Market Media processes all lists for direct mail use with a USPS licensed national change of address provider. Mailers who use data within 30 days of this scrub date should experience mail delivery rates of about 90% and qualify for mail discounts.

What are average performance levels for third party lists?

Every offer is different and performs differently based on many variables. EMM does not guarantee any performance metric including open rates, click rates or conversion rates.

One statistic for B2B data using a SaaS offer and email-to-one approach by author Aaron Ross of Predictable Revenue fame states puts averages of 20 – 30% open, 25% click through on open, 5 – 7% response rate. This is without using a landing page and requesting a meeting based on carefully selecting a target list of companies.

As you can see, each campaign is unique. To find your average, buy a test list.

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