Corporate Data Show – Technical Sessions 1: Matching B2B Data  to B2C Data

Corporate Data Show – Technical Sessions 1: Matching B2B Data to B2C Data

Don’t have time to read now? Download your ‘Listen Later’ pack here to receive a PDF transcript and audio copy. In this first of Every Market Media’s short guides on translating technical data processes to real-world marketing applications, Rick Holmes unpacks the technical nugget of matching B2B data to B2C data. Because sometimes you need technical answers to the tactical questions you have about doing better marketing and making more sales. But sometimes—because of the nature of how the marketplace has evolved, which is constantly—the solutions to marketing-based problems require marketers to do some hard thinking. By which we mean to say, not everything is easy to access or explain. Such as the focus of today’s technical session. Why would a marketer care about matching B2B data to B2C data? Rick Holmes explains how Every Market Media’s attention got pulled toward the idea of B2B data and B2C data matching. It originally started when a client needed an application to onboard more B2B data in the various ecosystems for clients. (This application turned into an awesome product called Linkkey.) For example, say you’re a marketer who wants to pair B2C data with an ISP-type email, someone’s B2B persona—but you run into a problem. Here’s the challenge (and the reason you’d want a unified person approach): “The first thing that was interesting to Every Market Media clients was to take a B2B email and onboard it through a LiveRamp or a Neustar and push it out to various digital ecosystems,” Holmes said. “Only, the challenge was they found B2B emails were not as commonly used as registration information on the...
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