Welcome to Every Market Media

EMM is an email centric marketing data compiler and data services consultant. Our three core databases, US B2B, US B2C and Global B2B are used by clients of all sizes to improve their marketing and increase sales. We help solve our client’s data problems by using a powerful combination of industry experience, unrivaled data quality and a hands on approach to client success.

Our Core Data Assets Are:


Unique Consumer Emails with SB or D delivery statuses


Unique “Double Verified” Consumer Emails with a SB or D delivery Status



Unique Global Business Emails, in 227 countries



Unique Business Emails with SB or D delivery statuses



Unique Consumer Emails with known delivery statuses



AAA to CC “Needle and Thread” ranked Business Emails with a known delivery status



Unique Business Emails with known delivery statuses


Our Approach

We believe in consulting, not pitching. We want to understand your business so we can help you find the right solution that works.

Fresh Data

Every day we add additional Consumer and Business data to our database, so you know you get the freshest, most accurate data available.

Difficult To Find

We know exactly where to source the information you need, whether it’s in the US or around the globe. Try us.

Data Transparency

At Every Market Media we believe in complete transparency about how and where we source our data, for informed media buying decisions.


Jacob Gehersky

In my experience, there are people in the data industry that I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw them. The same can be said for many industries, but this is especially true in mine. I work in direct mail and marketing, sending over 800,000 mailers a week, and constantly searching for new data. EMM has become my go-to provider not only because I trust them, but because they are efficient, always available, and always willing to provide their insight while sharing past experiences. They are quick to give advice, recommend someone else to you if third party services are needed, and help you in any way they can.

If you want to work with real people who will always have your best interest at heart, I would go out of my way to recommend EMM.


Every Market Media was instrumental in helping us to improve and expand upon our email deployment processes and capabilities. We have benefited greatly from EMM’s expertise in setting up new email platforms, workflow analysis, personnel training and database knowledge and assets. With Amanda and Rick’s guidance, and access to their data, we’ve been able to exponentially grow our weekly email deployments and are excited to continue to realize the benefits of this new cost center.


We like working with EMM because their products and services are effective and make us money and they are fun to deal with. Their work approach is nimble and that meshes with ours. Their candor is rare and helpful for us to make good decisions about how to use what and when. I have witnessed a number of occasions where their fresh and innovative approach has solved my problems and opened up new revenue streams. My experience is they are always accessible and they have a positive, helpful, and service orientation. Underlying all this is a sense of trust and earnestness that should serve them over the course of time in their business. Personally, I am enjoying seeing them grow and make a mark in the data industry.


I’ve been in the data industry for 24+ years and Rick and his team at Every Market Media consistently exceed my high expectations for delivering quality data and quality service. Rick and his team take the time to understand my needs and help identify the right data and right media for my campaign and data needs. They truly work to create a strong and long lasting partnership between my company and theirs.


Working with EMM for our promotional email delivery has been fantastic. Their entire team has been responsive to our last minute creative changes and they have never failed to make a delivery deadline. We’ve been very pleased with the results from the marketing campaigns that we have used EMM for our email delivery.”


Our company has completed several complex orders for Lead lists through Every Market Media, we have been completely and totally satisfied with all the information purchased. More importantly, the customer service we have received including every aide and assistance in assembling a complex and significant library continues to be, exceptional. We highly recommend Every Market Media to all those who require professionalism and expertise from their service providers.


I began promoting my new book CONDEMNED PROPERTY? through a multitude of media vehicles ranging from print ads in newspapers and pecialized magazines, editorials, radio interviews, direct mail, about 10 months ago. Most were not productive at all…most. I also tried a variety of electronic blasts, also to specific people I believed would be most interested in my book about the Vietnam War. It is not even close which medium produced the best but also which company did an outstanding job of providing excellent customer care. Every Market Media was way in front of everyone and I would recommend them to any company looking for mass email-blasts that are likely to produce results.


“Collectively all of the data that I received from you guys worked very well and I have a feeling you guys were a big part of that. Plus, y’all were good to work with, the price was right, and everything was turned around on time.

So thumbs up dude. Happy to work with you guys next time an appropriate opportunity arises”

Chris, Windward Boardshop

“Working with EMM has enhanced our outreach to our customers both near and far. They are easy to work with, efficient and always make sure our needs are fully explored and met. We never feel like a client but more a partner when working with them.”


We work with dozens of data companies, and have found EMM to be without fail the most responsive and flexible partner we have. We get great data from them, and we actually look forward to calls and emails with them. A great partner all around.
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