Who are We?

With over 20 years of experience in data service, we can say for ourselves that we are a team of educated and experienced professionals. We launched Every Market Media in 2013 and we have all kinds of experts working for us. Our services include appends and modeling, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing and all other kinds of digital marketing techniques and practices.

Quality and customer service are the Nr.1 on our list of priorities. Here is a list of the 5 most critical things that we do for you:

  • We turn around your request within 2 days ( Big agencies need a week )
  • We closely monitor the data, its quality and we produce it in-house
  • Our customer service is exceptional
  • The quality of your products is guaranteed
  • If you ever need to switch gears we can change direction on a dime

We believe that behind every business, there is a person who deserves respect. The thing that we are proud of the most is our interaction and care about our customer. If you don’t believe it yet, give us a call and experience it yourself. We look forward doing business together. If you are still not convinced that we are right for you, check out our list of advantages of other agencies.

What makes us better?

Highest quality possible. We guarantee our lists because we are 100% sure that we are the best out there. There is really NO RISK if you decide to partner with us!
Long term relationships. In order to grow your business you will need a healthy longterm relationship with your partner. There is no one out there better than Every Market Media.
We offer more marketing services. Unlike other services that only care about numbers ,we in fact care about the whole marketing picture. That way we can help you designing your own custom campaigns and maximize your marketing dollar.
We talk with you. As soon as our partnership begins we will ask how we can help you. Nobody likes pitchy salespeople. It is simple, you have a need and we are here to provide a great solution.

Welcome to Every Market Media

We Make High Quality List Buying a Breeze…and a Pleasure

When you partner with Every Market Media, you will have access to the highest quality data in the industry. Our goal is to get you the RIGHT information as quickly as possible. Quite simply: We care about your success and offer the best possible customer experience with our team. Guaranteed.

Your Direct Marketing Resources

blue black people iconOur Approach

We believe in consulting, not pitching. We want to understand your business so we can help you find the right solution that works.

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 Difficult to Find

We know exactly where to source the information you need, whether it’s in the US or around the globe. Try us.

blue black spiral with personFresh Data

Every day we add additional Consumer and Business data to our database, so you know you get the freshest, most accurate data available.

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Data Transparency

At Every Market Media we believe in complete transparency about how and where we source our data, for informed media buying decisions.


Every day the USPS processes and delivers 262.4 million pieces of Advertising Mail. (Source: USPS)
There are nearly 42,000 ZIP Codes in the USA. (Source: USPS)
Every day there are 130,592 address changes processed by the USPS. (Source: USPS)
This year, more than half of branded emails will be opened using mobile devices. (Source: Mass Transit)